Hello and welcome! I am really excited that you have joined me on my journey as a writer, and in many ways I have just joined your journey as well. Developing as a writer can definitely be challenging. The main motivation here at The Writer’s Habit is to help ease the growing pains that we all seem to endure now and then and help increase creative flow while eliminating the fear of writing with techniques, prompts, and exercises to inspire your writing and help guide you toward developing confidence and better work habits.

Through years of studying craft, technique, and literary criticism I have found that getting what you have in mind on to paper can be difficult — especially when you have a spectacular idea, but have no idea how to begin. If you are feeling this way, I encourage you to read on! The first tip is coming up shortly in this introductory article.

Contrary to belief, a writer’s journey doesn’t have to be a lonely process. Writers need feedback, and as a matter of fact, its one of the most important things a writer could ask for. Find a trusted friend who enjoys reading and doesn’t mind being brutally honest when you ask for their opinion or for them to brainstorm with you. Discussions on your work can create a healthy motivational spike and let you know where you need to improve. The key here is to be constructive and not destructive.

If you don’t have a trusted friend, that’s ok! There are other ways you can find people who would be ecstatic to give their thoughts on your work, but I will get to that at a different time.

If you are a writer who is just starting out it is vital to remember that while it is very important to be proud of your work you shouldn’t constantly be looking for approval, because in the beginning it most likely wont turn out that way — BUT that’s what feedback is for! So you can take your skills and refine them as you go. Writing is really no different than polishing up on any different skill or talent: it takes practice. 

More on this in my article about feedback.

On a final note, remember what you’re writing for. Don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes, because that is how we learn and learning is progress. Believe in yourself and above all else I encourage you to write for you.

I am really excited for you and I hope you can find the information on this site to be useful in your journey.

I look forward to seeing you rise!


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